Who We Are


Picture this: the 90s - a decade that sparkled with neon, reverberated with the beats of hip-hop, and dazzled with the magic of different cultures. For many, this time was more than just a chapter in history; it was a time filled with cherished memories, vibrant energy, and a culture that exuded charisma. We have set out to resurrect the essence of the 90s and infuse it with a modern twist through reshaping the future of retail as we know it. New School Nostalgia is a brand that epitomizes the fusion of innovation and style, redefining memorabilia by seamlessly blending the nostalgia of the past with the vibrant spirit of today. 

From New School Nostalgia you can expect to see a collection of curated products that dare to break boundaries, making a resounding statement in the world of collectibles. A bold step into experiential commerce, where the future of shopping is more than just transactions. It's a brand where the past meets the present in the future of shopping.

Welcome to New School Nostalgia—your gateway to a timeless shopping revolution.


Adam McArthur

As a recognized thought leader and industry visionary, Adam McArthur is not just an aficionado of pop culture; he's a trend curator whose insights have catalyzed change across industries. With his unparalleled ability to foresee the next big thing, Adam is the mastermind behind New School Nostalgia, a revolutionary venture that's not only set to redefine the retail space but also reshape how industries perceive trends. As the founder of BAM!, a multi-million-dollar titan in the realm of pop culture memorabilia, Adam's reputation as a dynamic entrepreneur is well-earned. Many also recognize him as "Big Beast", a persona inspired by both his commanding stature and formidable presence that has dominated the sales arena. Building on the triumphs and invaluable lessons from past endeavors, Adam is steering New School Nostalgia with an enriched knowledge base, an unwavering determination, and a vision to craft an avant-garde experience. His profound affection for 90s popular culture pulsates as the core of this brand, which is dedicated to bringing the best of the past into the present and future. Adam embodies a "dream big" philosophy. Far from content with the ordinary, he stands not only as the Founder & CEO but also as a visionary force, turning the unseen into tangible reality and pioneering a modern approach to shopping and much more.

Israel Whittemore

For the past 12 years, Israel Whittemore has served as the Vice President of Sales at Pristine Auction, where he honed his skills in forging valuable connections and driving business growth. During this time, he not only elevated his understanding of the corporate world but also cultivated a deep appreciation for the power of creativity and innovation. Israel possesses an innate talent for developing genuine connections, leaving a lasting impression on those who have had the privilege of working with him. It becomes abundantly clear that, for him, it transcends mere business transactions; he harbors a sincere and authentic desire to make a positive impact on others' lives. Not only that, but he has a unique ability to see beyond the obvious, specializing in creating unexpected yet rewarding partnerships that open doors to new and exciting business opportunities. His work-hard-play-hard mentality fuels his drive to bring fresh and exciting concepts to the forefront of the industry. Also having had a background as a full-time musician, he infuses his love for music and artistic expression into everything he touches. His passion for music, creativity, and the world of 90s pop culture is really a part of the core of New School Nostalgia; an embodiment of his artistic journey. With a dynamic blend of corporate leadership skills and artistic passion, Israel Whittemore is one of the driving forces behind New School Nostalgia as a Founder and the Chief Vision and Partnerships Officer.